Audio Visual Systems

Product Description

  • Projection Systems Installations/Maintenance
  • Wireless Display/Projection Solutions
  • Large Format LED Displays (Indoors/Outdoors)
  • Digital Smartboards
  • Sound & Lighting Systems


  • Full systems consultancy and installation services for wide range of Audio Visual Systems requirements.
  • Classrooms/Lecture Halls, Meeting Rooms, Function Rooms, Banquet Halls, Showrooms, Info Panels,
  • Soundproofing, Indoor/Outdoor Displays, Simulators, Theaters, etc.

Projection Systems Installation/Maintenance

  • Consultancy, site assessment, and installation services. Maintenance services also available.
  • Ceiling mounts, Wall mounts, Cabling works, Projection Screens, Projector lifts, Projector cages, etc

Wireless Display/Projection Solutions

  • Cast your digital content wirelessly to Projector/TV/Monitor without the hassle of installing physical VGA/HDMI cables.
  • Available for different display resolution requirements.

Large Format LED Displays

  • Full consultancy and installation services for standard or custom size large format LED displays.
  • Indoor SMD LED Display – P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P7.62mm, P10mm
  • Outdoor SMD LED Display – P10mm, P12mm, P14mm, P16mm, P20mm

Digital Smartboards

  • Ideal for replacing whiteboards, static displays, info panels, projectors
  • Digital Smartboards are large format interactive displays with the simplicity of familiar meeting room tools in engaging the audience.
  • Full-HD touch screens that are available in various sizes : 55″ / 65″ / 70″ / 84″.

Sound & Lighting Systems

  • Full consultancy and installation services for small to large venues.