Large Format Printer & Plotter Malaysia

Large format printers and plotters are the most ideal option if your business requires printing large-scale documents and promotional materials. What makes it different from a normal printer is its functionality – where it is able to print out larger scale output. Simplex Marketing is an authorized Canon printer dealer in Malaysia that can help you fulfill your printing needs!

Take advantage of our exceptional wide format printers that come with a high-speed image processing engine. Not only it is able to increase the efficiency of your printing experience, but they also help to produce accurate and excellent quality prints. Our versatile printers upline are able to produce top-quality images with sharp lines, texts, and color output.

Finding a great quality Canon printer and plotter in Malaysia? We offer a broad range of large format printers and plotters for various purposes. These printers come in different models and sizes. Our selections are great for business, education, professional poster printing, computer-aided design, advertisements, and many other purposes. You can also enjoy a secured printing experience, where you do not have to worry about the confidentiality of your data.

Get the finest detail of prints and printing experience with the best large format printers in Malaysia. Whether you need a printer for business or work, explore our wide range of printers and choose the one that suits your needs!