Cable ID Printer

Cable marking and identification is not a new thing for industries like plant construction, electrical facilities, network cable wiring, and many more. A good marking system highly relies on how great a printer is. At Simplex Marketing, we offer high-performance cable ID printers with various amazing features.

Our cable ID printer allows you to print on various types of materials including heat shrink tubes, label tapes, ID strips, and many others. These printers let you produce high-quality printing outputs, as they come with an outstanding thermal transfer printing technology. Comes with a user-friendly and lightweight design, these printers are designed for a simple and no-hassle operation.

Do you know that these printers can also enhance the accuracy and productivity of your operation? This is because it offers a high printing speed along with both half and fully automatic cuts to ensure the best quality of printing results. There are various print patterns available to choose from, depending on the types of applications and requirements you need.

If you are after a reliable cable ID printer, then our Canon products are the perfect choice for you! Contact us here to find out more about our products. We are always ready to help you with the best printing solutions!