A blue canon Mk1500-a cable ID printer.

Mk1500 High Performance Cable ID Printer

Product Description

  • High Speed and Fast Output Rate up to 25mm/sec
  • Full/Half Automatic Cut
  • Various Print Patterns
  • Bright LCD Display
  • Support Wide Range of Print Media

Cable marking and identification is an essential work for electrical facilities, network cable wiring and plant constructions. Canon Cable ID Printers allow printing on various materials such as soft PVC tubes, heat shrink tubes, label tapes, wrap around tapes, ID strips and plates.

By incorporating thermal transfer printing technology and high printing resolution, strong wear and tear resistance, high legibility and high quality print results are achieved.

With high performance, user-friendly design and exceptional versatility, Canon Cable ID Printers improve productivity and makes cable identification work on-site simple and effortless.